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Tis: Q Elite – Tripasso

Liten stygg “go” Q innan jobb..

KB24 x2, Bulgarian37 x2, BW x2, boxkicks, airbike o grym grym core


Q Elite – Tripasso

Warmup: BW Complex


— 4/8, 2 Rounds —


KB24 stance hike- switch gunslinger- catch stance squat L/R

KB24 hollow- legs up- deckroll- V-sit halo 2


Bulgarian OH rev lunge press L/R

Bulgarian sit-thru switch- russian L/R


BW quad walk d/u- over crab + leg reachout pushup b back

BW fr.kick- rev switch- scorpio 


— 8/16/16 +40, 4 Rounds —

Box/bulgarian push

Box kicks

BW vari



—– ABSolution: 2 Rounds — grym!

KB24 alt outside V-swings  forw/rev


KB24 goblet hold walk



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