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Tor: Q Elite – Captain Crang

En oväntad liten gotte-raket…

5 tunga pannor med dubbla KB, lite BW, lite band och en sjukt jobbig 27 rundors Captain Tabata..

Grymt jobb igen!💪⭐👍

Q Elite – Captain Crang

Warmup: BW Complex


—— 8/8, 2 Rounds — 


KB dbl revolver swings 16

KB dbl BU n alt press

KB lateral swing n sidestep pull L/R

KB BU push + halo + side swing 2 


BW sit-thru -down/crunch 16

Band stance side pull L/R


—– TAB – Captain 27 


Treadmill  run / run / run

BW dyn – crabturn / quadpress / pushup/dip

BW static – spider / elbow side dips / deckroll-legs up n twist



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