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Fre: Q Elite – Thirty-2

Brutal liten fredags-Q..

Dubbla 32:or o kroppsvikt.. tungt och blött 😁💪

Q Elite – Thirty-2

Warmup: BW Complex


—- 4/8, 2 Rounds —


KB32 dbl deckroll- legraise- deadlift + stance lift

  • BW kin- hipdrive legswipe


KB32 row n deadclean + jerk L/R

  • BW sit-thru- s.hand dog- scorpio


KB32 dbl alt floorpress

  • BW elbow crabturn- glide reach


Rope rev lunge slams/kicks 8/8 L/R


—– Finisher: X 2

KB 100 farmhold 25

BW quadpress + jump 50


— xtra

KB32 rackhold + KB18 BU hold L/R



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