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Mån: Q Elite – Blitzel Work

Duon har dragit igång sin kroppsviktperiod…👍

Nästan 1 timme non-stop, 12 småbrutala komplexer + Xtra core/finish.. X 2 😁💪
Va inte mkt kraft/energi kvar efter direkt..😁

Q Elite – Blitzel Work

Warmup: BW Complex


——5/5, 2 Rounds —

BW frontkick- roll down/ low spider swipe/ pushup L/R

BW elbow crab turn + leg reach out – alt side (+quad diamond pushup)

BW crabturn- sonnon turn/under leg kickreach/ pushup back L/R

BW shinbox flow – flip/low lunge- kick thru – dip/reach L/R

BW fr.kick jump touch – spin 2 + lion squat – alt side

BW deck kneekick- V-sit reach –  s.side plank crunch/touch

BW leo under/over – lunge switch back + tuckin special L/R

BW beast swivel-pike (s.leg) – scorpio land L/R

BW low lunge switch n kick L/R

BW s.arm plank + ½ circle walk n kick L/R

BW elbow plank – sidedips + swipe L/R

BW s.elbow – scorpio hold- toe press L/R

—- xtra core/finisher x 2’

BW/Bosu circles 10/10- small crunch 20- knee/out 20/20

BW pushup varis – archer n bounce // low glide pushup ( alt feet on Bosu)



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