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Lör: Q Elite – Souvage

Ja jösses… Det va utmaningar idag minsann.. framför allt styrke/balans/kontroll.. resten bara jobbigt, pulsigt & svettigt 😁🤣

Grym Q med allt!!👍💪⭐⭐

Q Elite – Souvage

Warmup: BW Complex + airbike


—- 5/5, 2 Rounds


KB/Bosu s.leg rot rev lunge n standup/knee L/R

KB/Bosu RTW + catch/forw lunge

  • BW crabturn- sonnon turn/under leg reach- back L/R


KB/band OH press (+ OH walk) L/R

KB/band/Bosu hi curl (s.leg) L/R 

  • BW pushup – dyn side monkey L/R


KB24 circle hold crawls L/R

KB32 dead clean outhold L/R

  • BW pullup hold


— spin-off

Treadmill soft run 60s 

  • KB24 hollow plank/sideplank L/R
  • BW assisted V-sit twist reach L/R


Treadmill soft run 60s 

  • KB24 OH hollow plank/crunch
  • BW beast swivel to pike L/R


— stretch-es



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