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Tis: Q Elite – Zola Dark

Fet ny grym Q…

Drygt 5 ton med KB24..tunga komplexer.. ben, balans och armar.. utmanande..

Kommer kännas i mån 😁💪

Q Elite – Zola Dark

Warmup: BW Complex


—– 5/5, 2 Rounds —-  5280 kg

KB24 rot rev lunge + stance 2 + stance thrust L/R

KB24/Bosu RTW + catch/forw lunge

KB24 dyn cleanswitch – stance squat L/R

  •  BW deck kneekick- V-sit reach


KB24 kneeing deadpull – goblet press

KB24 kneeing halo + outside twist (w sit-back) 

KB24 bridge press + s.leg raise 10/10

  • BW shinbox flow – flip/low lunge- dip/reach


— stretch, kin, piriformis


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