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Tor: Q Elite – BatWolf

Ny härlig/go/fet Q Elite Duo..

Tunga KB, landmine, BW, rings..

Styrka, core, puls, vrid, drag, hopp..

Precis lika bra, genomtänkt, pulsigt och tungt som alltid!👍


Q Elite – BatWolf

Warmup: BW Complex + airbike + skipull


—– 5/5, X Rounds —


KB28 swing- skullgrip/ stance squat – alt side

Landmine20 stance outside deadlift L/R

BW stancejump w kick L/R

  • TRX high pull – thumbs down 


KB24 BU stance outside swing- halo-stanceswitch/outside swing 

Landmine stance AIR-switch n EXPL push L/R

BW elbow crab turn + leg reach out – alt side

  • TRX high pull – thumbs down 


—- ABSolution/ CTRL: 5/5, 2 Rounds —

Landmine OH situp 

BW fr.kick spin n fr.kick rolldown/up – alt side

Rings oblique tucks L/R + skin the cat


KB28 CTRL  s.leg deadlift w row (outside) L/R


BB front X-lunge twister L/R


——– Sartorius + piriformis stretch



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