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Sön: Q Elite – Formacci LX

Superb & giftig & utmanande Q Elite…

3 rundor KB/BW/Rope
3 rundor xtra godis/core
3 rundor core/press/löpning..
Och rejält med go stretch..

Sjukt snurrigt idag 😁💪💥

Q Elite – Formacci LX

Warmup: BW Complex – shinbox switcheroo + kick thru 


—- 5/5,  3 Rounds — 


KB20 BU stance outside swing- halo-stanceswitch/squat/twist (GRYM!)

  • BW elbow plank step in/out

KB s.leg shot swings L/R

  • Band inside & outside susp ½ TGU L/R

KB20 rotating lunge clean L/R

  • BW hollow plank alt X-touch

Rope wide-pull

  • BW kneeing X-leg swipe out L/R


— Xtras 1: 5/5, 3 Rounds —

KB20 dbl alt V-sit press L/R

Rope hold leg raise + flag down

BW 2-hand sitout/legkick + legswipe L/R


—- Xtras 2: 5/5, 3 Rounds —

Barbell stance walk twister L/R

KB18 clean n BU press L/R

Treadmill run 30 sec


— BB stretch, kinstretch, BW ctrl scorpio/twist




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