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Tis: Q Elite – BLC Tint 

Ojoj… En snabb Q med blytunga nya movs..

40, 32, 28, 24 o 16 + luriga BW’s..

Kanon som alltid! Tung styrka & smidighet.. puls på köpet ,⭐💪😉

Q Elite – BLC Tint 

Warmup: BW Complex + heels


—- 4/8, 2 Rounds —

KB24/kneeing Bosu long halo sweep + squat up

KB16/18 BU floorpress L/R

KB28 bench press L/R

KB40 bench X-pull L/R


BW shinbox switcheroo + kick thru L/R

BW 🦀 front switches 3 – lockout back

—-stretch butterfly


— Finisher/xtra: 4/16/32 x 2

KB24 hike BU snatch L/R

KB32 alt stance drop-pulls 16

KB24 alt stance circle swing-stop 16/16

BW deckroll-fr.kick-stance- fr.kick/V-twistreach- under sideplank L/R


— stretch- kin hold, twist, yoga flow


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