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Tor: Q Elite – RePasico HUM

Äntligen…äntligen fick dem till det!😁

En go blöt o snurrig Q Duo..

Hela registret med KB, BW, band, airbike, core, bulgarian & löpning..


Q Elite – RePasico HUM

Warmup: BW Complex


—- 4/8, 2 Rounds —


KB24 hike stanceswitch snatch- stance squat press L/R

Band lateral skater squat L/R

BW quadjump-low quadpress – crabturn360 L/R


KB24 row- deadclean- droppull2+ dropclean L/R

Band stanceswitch- outside crunchpress L/R

BW stanceswitch-sitout/piriformis- jumpback L/R


KB24 alt bicycle 16

KB24 OH hollow plank – side hollow L/R

Treadmill alt leg assaultbike 60 sec


— Finisher:

TAB: Treadmill run 11-15 // Bulgarian swing pull – straight lift n triceps back

TAB: Treadmill run 11-15 // Bulgarian dyn twist pull catch



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