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Tis: Q Elite – Berko

Ny liten go Q ka-booom 😜😁

Low stance-press
Bosu/TRX Rip-shots
TRX Rip dynamic stancepulls
Bosu halo
Bosu goblet crunches
Dbl hike cleans
TRX Rip front raises
BW mixed flow/stretch


Q Elite – Berko

Warmup: BW Complex

—- 4/4, 2 Rounds —

KB24 swing lunges (s.hand)

KB20 stance sit/press – low sit switch L/R

TRX Rip/PM stancesquat pull L&H L/R

TRX Rip/Bosu/PM slapshot L/R

Bosu/KB24 halo

Bosu/KB24 skullgrip bentover crunches

— Finisher: 8/8/4 x2

KB24 dbl hike cleans

TRX Rip stance front raise L/R

BW fr.kick spin/s.hand dog- V-sit-reach- s.side plank crunch/touch L/R

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