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Tis: Q Elite – Tezilock

Varierad go, funktionell och blöt Q Elite..

KB flow, bosu, band, balance, Bulgarian brutalis, BW… Plus lite xtra KB, Bulgarian, airbike & BW som finisher..

Löpning fick utgå.. 😁  Grym grym Q igen ⚡💪👍💥

Q Elite – Tezilock

Warmup: BW Complex


—– 10-8, 2 Rounds —-

KB ½ eight- slingshot lunge + front stance squat -alt L/R

KB goblet glide pushup

Band/Bosu down side s.leg lunge/kick L/R

Band/Bosu up rev lunge pull L/R


Bulgarian37 spin- turn- stanceclean + stance crunch/twist L/R !! Brutal


BW side elbow dip- spider + leg tuck out- pushup- fr.kick L/R

BW deckroll-fr.kick- jumpback/stance- sitout/ piriformis stretch


—- ABSolution:4/8/8 x 2

KB28 ½ circle stance walk w stop 10/10

KB24 kneeing windmill L/R

Bosu/Bulgarian37 8-8-16 + off

BW sit-thru air legkick


—– Finisher: 10/30/60, 2 Rounds

KB24 RTW -to- stance goblet stop

Skipull stance swipes L/R

Airbike soft legs forw/rev 60 sec


— stretch 

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