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Fre: Q Elite – bIONco 

Götte-go Q Elite ⭐👌

Obalans, tyngd, vrid, puls, flow, twist, press, drag, lyft, tramp, balans, explositivet, core…

Nytt, nytt, nytt.. ✌️💥

Q Elite – bIONco 

Warmup: BW Complex


—– 4/4, 2 Rounds —-

KB32 plateau deadlift L/R

KB24 dyn alt low side pull -turn/clean + press L/R 

KB24 pullover + roll press L/R

KB24 stance swing- turn- BU stance/toe-squat L/R


MB s.leg kickback push-slams L/R ( balance, expl)

Bulgarian37 oh push rev lunge L/R

Bulgarian37 stance crunch/twist L/R !! Brutal

Bulgarian37 sit-thru jumpswitch – turn rolldown/up L/R


BW s.elbow – scorpio hold- toe press L/R 8/8


—— Finisher: 8/16/60 x 2

KB32 alt deadrow

Bulgarian37 grip catch

Airbike legs 60nsec

BW scorpio land-cosack- V-sit reach L/R- piriformis stretch

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