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Tis: Q Elite – P.Contract

Booom! Grymt tisdags recept…

40kg KB hike switches, drops & press med 28an, massa Bulgarian37, TRX, än mer kroppsvikt, airbike 60..

Nya tunga brutala kombos!!👍⭐💪

Q Elite – P.Contract

Warmup: BW Complex


—- 5/5, 2 Rounds —

KB40 hike swing/switch

TRX dyn underpull w jumpswitch

Bulgarian37 stance crunch/twist L/R !! Brutal

Bulgarian37 rot rev lunge L/R

KB28 V-stand alt side drop switch

KB28 deadbug press + leg twist L/R

BW elbow hipdip n legswipe opener L/R


—– ABSolution: 5/5, 2 Rounds —

Bulgarian37 sit-thru jumpswitch – turn rolldown/up 

BW prisoner hollow situp/ alt tuckin L/R

BW quad- s.leg under / reach out L/R


—- Finisher: 5/5/60, 2 Rounds —

Bulgarian  stance twistpull L/R

Assaultbike 60 sec



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