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Fre: Q Elite – Scalparine Tag

Bam bam boom!💥✌️

6 griniga tunga movs med 28:an + bosu och BW. 5276 kg
Blöt tung finisher med KB96, toritos, airbike och skipull..

Färdig .totalt färdig…😁👌💪

Q Elite – Scalparine Tag

Warmup: BW Complex 


—- 4/4, 2 rounds — tot 5376 +

KB28 BU goblet squat – alt toesquat up L/R

KB28 squatcurl + sprawl pushup/spider 2

KB28 s.leg TOE ½ bridge press L/R

KB28 ½ circle stance walk w stop 16/16

KB28 rot twist-snatch L/R

KB28 skull grip pull 16

Bosu elbow/bounce up- side jump 2

Bosu/Band dbl step 16/16


—- Finisher: X 2

KB32+14 dbl farmwalk

KB28 dbl torito 8/8 L/R

Skipull dbl grip alt stance twist pull 

Treadmill leg 60 sec


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