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Tis: Q Elite – Papiri MNG

Glittering good Q Elite…✌️

3 rounds of challenging functional stuff
4 rounds of sweaty KB//running
3 rounds of calfe press 80/ skipull twisters

Q Elite – Papiri MNG

Warmup: BW Complex – airbike


—- 5/5, 3 Rounds —

BW pushup + scorpio land & reach L/R

Band kneeing twist L/R

BW tornado sit-squat L/R

Band mini – hollow plank/leg out

Bosu/Band s.leg semisquat/triceps L/R


TAB: 1

KB24 stance swing lo pull – gunhold twist // Treadmill medium run

TAB: 2

KB24 RTW twist + dyn halo n crunch // Treadmill medium run

TAB: 3

KB24 hike clean n strict press + clean n press // Treadmill medium run

TAB: 4

KB24 inside/outside stanceswitch lo pull n swing // Treadmill medium run


—- 10/20/20, 4 Rounds —

M80 kg Calves press

Skipull s hold n swipes L/R


— kinstretch

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