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Fre: Q Elite – ReCharge

Ja, men en liten mjuk återställare..😁😅

Ingen topp-puls i alla fall…

Spin, reach, switch, dog, cobra, twist, in-pull, deckroll, shin twist, V-X-touch, backpull, scorpio, cosack twist, powerslams…….
Deadlift, farmhold, outside/torito, super-curls, crucifix……..
Calf press & toe-bounce..

Alldeles lagom…👍👌

Q Elite – ReCharge

Warmup: BW Complex + heel


—- 4/4/16, 3 Rounds —

BW fr.kick+spin/reach- switch/ under dog- cobra

  • Mini band kneeing front -twist- in/hi pull L/R

BW deckroll- legs up- shin sit twist- V-sit X-touch

  • Mini band V-sit forw reach n twist up – OH- backpull 

BW full scorpio land – twist- cosack/hamstretch

  • Rope s.hand dbl twist powerslams over box L/R


—xtra: 4/8/16/4, 3 Rounds —

KB40 dbl stance deadlift L/R

KB40 dbl farmhold

KB24 dbl outside // torito swings

TRX rev ctrl hang down/twist + supercurl + crucifix


—– 8/16, 3 Rounds —

Calf press 75kg

BW toe jumps


— release stretch

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