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Fre: Q Elite – Quampade

Bam, bam, boom… Q in efter jobb och smaskar av en fet & blöt rackare..

KB, BW, bosu, rep & assault bike

4 va tänkt, 3 det blev 😁👍

Q Elite – Quampade

Warmup: BW Complex


—– 4/4, 3-4 Rounds —


KB24 quad pull- d.clean- lunge press L/R

BW inchworm roll- scorpio pushup 2

KB24/20 deckroll alt V-sit press L/R

BW frontkick spins

KB24 deadbug s.leg swipe + KB hold n leg sideraise L/R

Bosu/ Rope lunge twist slams L/R


—– Core/Finisher: 2+8/60 x 3-4 Rounds —

KB24 RTW w catch – stance swing – footswitch/ gun hold twist L/R

Assault bike 60 sec leg mix


— stretch

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