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Tis: Q Elite – Gargooza RoX

Holy Smoke…. blev en tung, blöt & pulsig go Q Elite… eller go och go 😉

Mustig KB complex, tunga BW’s, tryckande slams, pulsiga rep.. xtragodis och astung core.

Q Elite – Gargooza RoX

Warmup: BW Complex – teacup-flow- tilt/sit out

  • heel xtra- sidelying hip rotate- spinal twist- scorpio


—- 4/4, 4 Rounds —-

KB24 Gargooza Complex L/R

  • Hike clean/squat- BU goblet/squat- halo- goblet grip rev lunge/oh twist


BW tilt/reach – crabturn 180- quad pump- sq/rollup/inch- X-dog- step/twist-touch L/R

MB pushup- spider plank- stance/sonnon slam – back L/R

Rope stance/kick slams L/R


—- Finisher/xtra: 8 + 8

TRX explosiv pull/fly – pull hold/glide…+ explosiv pull/fly


—- ABSolution/balance: x 2

KB24 s.leg hot potato catch L/R

KB24 ½ floor getup L/R

KB12 oh pullover- V-leg crunch- leg kick L/R


—Stretch, kintwist

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