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Sön: Q Elite – Marcatori TWO

Blaskego söndagstryckare, ny Q Elite innan jobb..

Tunga nya KB movs med 28:an +allt annat gott godis.. slamball, bulgarian, band & BW

Phhhaaaauuuuwww 😉

Q Elite – Marcatori TWO

Warmup: BW Complex


—- 4/4, 2 Rounds —-

KB28 low hike- squat clean L/R

KB28 assisted s.leg swing L/R

  • BW s.leg pistol + side pushup (

KB28 stance outside d.lift- switch- row L/R

KB28 knee clean n press ( + windmill) L/R

  • BW low plank under flow + ½ bridge underflow + close pushup


—– Finisher/Core: 8/16 x 2

BW/Bulgarian sit-thru 2 – russian up L/R

Band OH stance twist-crunches L/R

D.B s.leg ½ bridge – air push L/R

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