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Tis: Q Elite – Parnacca Proxy

En tisdags-smackare a la Q!!… Nya, nya , nya KB, bosu, band, PM, BW, assault bike.😉👍

Styrka, balans, rörlighet, kontroll o en jäkla massa arbetspuls. En alldeles lagom 3,2 tons runda med speed och flow.

Q Elite – Parnacca Proxy

Warmup: BW Complex + band shoulder rot + sit kin/leg/twist


—- 5/5, 2 Rounds —–

KB clean n press – OH rev lunge n press- switchclean L/R

  • BW alt elbow frontkick

KB/Bosu s.hand duck swing – goblet BU-catch n halo L/R

  • BW boat cross-touch 2 – sit-lift

Band/Bosu dragpull- ½ halo pull- straight pull- straight fly L/R

  • BW lying scorpio flow – bridge reach- s.hand dog – back


—- Core/Finisher: x 2

KB choke grip  roll down/up L/R

PM  dbl twist-up

Assault bike – just legs 12k

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