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Sön: Q Elite – Yellowstone

Söndags-Q med en jäkla massa cirklar, svep, vridningar, twistar, drag och core genom hela..

TRX Rip med PM och KB/TRX

Turborunda innan jobb..

Q Elite – Yellowstone

Warmup: BW Complex


—– 5/5, 3-4 Rounds

KB FP – outside stance swing/switch/stance BU clean L/R

TRX s.hand underpull- elbow twister L/R


TRX Rip/PM – under circles  L/R

TRX Rip/PM – over circles/ stance step L/R

TRX Rip/PM – squat/ paddle power-row L/R

TRX Rip/PM – stance back shot L/R

TRX Rip/PM – leg.kick/turn/down press L/R

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