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Tis 2: Q Performance – Black Circus

Osså dagens Q Performance… med en liten “lagom-runda” med rutinerade och 1 rookie.

5 intervallrundor KB, lite go flow/stretch och en finisher med puls o utmattning..

Grymt jobbat!!

Q Performance – Black Circus

Warmup: BW Complex

BW tea-chi flow- cosack/rev fr.kick- scorpio-fr.kick/cosack L/R


5 Rounds, 30/15 – KB Complexity

KB ⅛ 8 hook lunge

KB dyn glide plank n close pushup

KB alt deadswitch- twistpress

KB V-swing

KB OH pullover hollow plank


FlowStretch: 30/30/30

BW Scorpio flow

BW dyn low lunge/ cosack – alt

BW kinstretch switch



MB sprawl n sonnon slam n dbl clock 10

TRX underpull… 100/to failure

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