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Tor 1: Q Elite – Danzieg Claw

Gårdagens lilla mini-blästrare…

En tung boll, 2 klot, BW och en bänk.

Snabbt, utmanande och tungt. Som alltid.

Q Elite – Danzieg Claw

Warmup: BW Complex


—— 4/8/16 , 2 Rounds ——


KB Danzieg Complex

Semi-cosack row 2 n clean n back- squat/clean- snatch+press- rev lunge L/R

BW decksquat/legraise – alt s.hand bridge pushkick

Bench/BW – surfjumps

BW elbow dyn beast glide

MB decksquat/stance -s.leg  jump wallpush + twist slams


KB dbl hike BU cleans +

KB dbl outside swings

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