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Tis 2: Q Performance – SpimKracer

Och ett tungt rutinerat tisdags-gäng satte ribban med både 24, 28 och 32:an i komplexerna!!

Bra (läs högt) tempo. Grymt stark kvartett.

Q Performance – SpimKracer

Warmup: BW Complex

Rolldown- quad press- rollup- quad circles

Low lunge swipe/frontkick – dog – rev crabturn360/sitout


—– 5/5, 4 Rounds —–


KB Complex – deadclean/ dyn rev lunge/ press / ½ windmill L/R   (xtra AIR press)


–BW 2-step pushup + fr.kick ( + spin)


KB Complex II – Gorilla row 2- pull/halo/squat   (xtra knee dip)


–BW quad-squat- 360 backturn/sit-out- straight leglift -L/R   10-8-6


— ABSolution: x 2

TRX elbow – gliding plank twister L/R

BW X-knee leg raises L/R

BW Alexia deadbug


— stretch

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