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Ons: Q Performance – Black Proton med plusmeny

Full klass, grymt taggat gäng, vana Q:are, instruktörer och 3 rookies..

Lite lägre tempo men lika tungt kört. Superinsats som alltid!

Och lika positivt till veckans upplägg… 🙂  Tack!

Q Performance – Black Proton

Warmup: BW Complex


—— 4/4, 4 Rounds —–


KB Proton Complex L/R

  • Stance dead-row
  • Stance deadclean
  • Stance clean/rev stance press
  • Hike BU- halo- squat


BW Hindu-Spider-Kick Complex

  • Hindu pushup
  • Spider s.leg tap/ spider pushup
  • Low lunge/fr kick bounce + jump back


KB ½ eight hook L/R

BW ½ pullup + pullup


——-  Finisher: 4/8, 4 Rounds

KB dbl hike clean ( w BU )

BW Alexia deadbug flow

BW sit-thru s.leg wall sprawl

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