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Tis 1: Q Elite – Quank Bite

Först ut… ny go blöt Q Elite.

3 rundor tung KB dbl complex, BW complex, skipull och ny lurig rackare. Och fick med lite löpning äntligen.

Hur bra som helst. Igen 😉

Q Elite – Quank Bite

Warmup: BW Complex


— 5/5 – 3 Rounds ———–


KB Quank dbl Complex 24-20-18

-bent row

-hike BU clean


-squat + twistpress

-squat + twistpress

-rotating spin


BW Quank flow

Scorpio pushup- sit-out/leg swipe – break jump touch


Skipull /bosu s.leg stance swipes L/R


Deadball- hollow plank + oh fall/raise D/S/U L/R

— treadmill/ BW  run/ active stretch  60/30 x 3

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