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Tis 1: Q Elite – ZinZin Dango

Sedvanlig ny egen Q Elite innan klass…

Lite längre komplexer och lite lurigare och lite tyngre.

Lagom go genomkörning med KB, CB och BW.

Q Elite – ZinZin Dango

Warmup: BW Complex

Circle – head / up body / arms /  hips / legs

Sq- quad- sit.thru – plank – scorpio – sq


——–3 Rounds —-


KB Big Complex L/R

Deadclean- deadsnatch- circle sidesquat-180 lunge- press- ½ TGD- floorpress- ½ TGU- lungepress back- rtw w stop


CB Complex L/R

Cast 3- lunge tip/flag- lunge punch 3


BW Complex

½ bridge underturn- diamond push- tuck-in

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