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Sön 2: Q Elite – Roxpanse

Och.. givetvis en liten ny go Q Elite efter.

Nya kombos, nya utmaningar med KB, bulagarian, bosu, CB & bodyweight 🙂

Råstyrka, puls, rotationer, balans, smidighet och lite mer avancerad koordination.

Dyker nog upp i veckan på Q Performance…

Q Elite – Roxpanse

Warmup: Q AniMotion Tabata 45


——– 2-3 Rounds——-3/3—————-

KB shinbox halo

KB V-sit presses

KB OH hollow plank-crunch


Bosu/CB s.leg twistswing / gamma cast

BW sit-thru / low glide/ spiderpushup AIR-switch

Bulgarian spin / close squat catch / oh rev lunge

KB dbl deadlift / hike swing-clean / superman

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