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Tis 1: Q Performance – Pullmiac

Tisdags-Q på LIndholmen.. 90% rutinerade och 10% nytillskott..

Tunga ( och luriga) KB-komplexer varvat med utmanande Bodyweight de luxe.

Götte-Q mao;-)

Grym insats som alltid!!

Q Performance – Pullmiac

Warmup: BW Complex

Sq-crabswitch-sq– dyn war/cosack-

Quad circle- Sit-thru- inchworm


2 Rounds

KB Complex 5/5/10

Dead- pull- hi pull – snatch L/R

BW quadsprawl- crabswitch


2 Rounds

KB Complex 10

Lat knee tucks- Clean/squat n press

BW sit-thru AIR


2 Rounds

KB Complex 5/5/10

Strong hand swing –  ( press)

BW quadjump- rev twistpushup


2 Rounds

KB Complex 8+8+8

KB dbl deadclean

KB dbl hike powerswing

BW cross-pushup

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