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Fre: Q CiBerian

En skön sval sal, discoljus, tung musik och härligt tunga clubbells!! En fredag helt i min smak. 😉

Underarmar spända som betong…mest hela tiden..hehe. Clubbell-inferno..

Q CiBerian

Warrmup: soma complex (n CB swings)


16- 8 X 3

CB s clean ‘n squat w press

CB dbl revolver lunges

– – jumprope 50

CB s.hand clean

CB dbl swipe (swing+gamma)

– – jumprope 50

CB s.hand mill (like sideclean)

CB dbl barbarian arm cast

– – jumprope 50


TAB:  x2

CB oh pullover situp // sit-thru forward

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