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Sön: Q‌ ‌Elite‌ ‌-‌ ‌MX ‌Tango‌

En söndagskrossare som hette duga.. “skön” fet upgrade från gårdagens Q…

Lite.mer, lite tyngre.. 4 ton med 24an.. + BW, slams & airbike


Q‌ ‌Elite‌ ‌-‌ ‌MX ‌Tango‌

Warmup:‌ ‌BW‌ ‌Complex‌ ‌

 -teacup-sq-crabturn- sitout-piriformis-supertwist- kin

-bosu balance


— 5/5, 2 Rounds —

KB24 skater lunge n OH stance twist L/R

KB24 FP stance swing – BU/clean n leg kick L/R

  • BW front kick spin

KB24 OH hollow plank – side hollow L/R

KB24 squat n sprawl close pushup+ thai kicks

  • BW s.arm plank jack + ½ circle walk L/R

KB24 alt bicycle 20

KB24 dbl oh leg wipers- legraise L/R

  • BW sq-sitout-piriformis-supertwist- kin

— Finisher: x 2

MB sonnon slam – 3-point press

BW kneekick- V-sit- reach/twist L/R

Assault bike leg 60 sec



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