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Sön: Q Elite – Shelby


Q Shelby with KB complex, bandswipes, bodyweight, boxkicks, assaultbike and more BW… 👌👍

Super-good as always..⭐

Q Elite – Shelby 

Warmup: BW Complex – airbike-skipull


—- 4/4, 3 Rounds —-


KB24 s.leg RDL+ row- RTW- slingshot lunge- snatch- kneeing BU- switch/clean/squat 

Band ½ kneeing swipe n sit-out L/R

BW crabspin + sitspin + crawl/pushup + scorpio land/ underflip L/R


—- 16/8, 3 Rounds

Box kicks

BW  plank rolldown- under bridge turn- pushup


—— 3 Rounds

Assaultbike 1 min 

stretch glide

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